Christmas Time

Monday, June 28, 2010

there's a first time for everything...

he's off! yesterday morning our boy headed off to camp. he was so excited when i woke him up at 5:30am that he jumped out of bed and threw on his traveling clothes and was ready in minutes.
once we arrived at the drop off spot i think his nerves began to settle on him. he got real quiet and he stayed pretty close by. daphne did the same. even though they can bicker like an old married couple, they really do love each other a ton. while we were waiting to load the bus i watched daphne go over and just lay her head on henry's chest and he just wrapped his arm around her and set his head on top of her head. i am so very thankful to have been able to see this sweet moment between them.

i hopped on the bus with him just so i could get him settled in and of course love on him a bit more. he found his seat right over the back wheel with a tv in perfect viewing location and got his backpack just right so that he could grab a snack or two during the drive. (before they even pulled out of the parking lot i could see him chomping down on some beef was only 7am!)
henry and john have gotten to be pretty good buddies these days. we enjoy having john around and were so excited that he was coming to camp too! as i was getting off the bus i heard a little girl say, "henry, john wants to sit with you, okay?" henry was pumped and john grabbed his backback and that was the beginning of his camp experience!

this morning i received an email from another mom who was just checking in to make sure i was doing alright and she told me about being able to see pics of the kids on the camp website. i immediately went to the site and found this one of my boy. it was so nice to see his face and to see a smile on it!

oh how i miss him and it's only been 24 hours. not being ale to talk to him i think is the hardest part of it all. i have always checked in when i have traveled but it will be 5 days of not hearing his voice.

i have already planned what i will fix him for dinner upon his return at week's end. i have made sure his room is clean and vacuumed his floors and washed his favorite blanket. is this what sending them off to college is like? is this what it is like to let them grow up and be independent? it's not for the faint of heart! praise God for an opportunity to do this now so that i am not a complete and total wreck when he leaves home for college.

Lord, this adventure sure is reminding me that he is on loan to us from You, the Lender. it is good to be reminded that he is not mine alone. i know that you love henry more than i can imagine and i rest in knowing that You have Your eye on him. take care of our boy today and grow his little heart into one that knows, loves and follows You all the days of his life.