Christmas Time

Friday, December 14, 2007

oh, martha...

tonight, yes late tonight, i am sitting in my kitchen about ready to throw my six year old copy of martha stewart baby magazine across the room. i have made many a martha recipes and though they have been challenging they have never flopped. well tonight was the night....

on the eve of henry's 6th birthday party the butter cream icing has failed and ross is buying butter cream icing at walmart as i write. i will of course have to doctor it up a bit with the homemade caramel that i made to flavor this icing but i guess it can all go in the mixer... or at least i hope it can.

in an attempt to not overdue a birthday party i decided to make his cake. how tough would it be to make this really cute lion cake to go with his circus themed party? i used boxed cake mix and decided to give martha's ole caramel butter cream icing a go. all i have to say is that i think somewhere during the whisking eggs whites and sugar over the simmering hot water things went a rye. my kitchen aid mixer sounds like it is going to keel over and die at any moment. the motor goes at normal speed and then you hear it shift down on its own as if to catch a breath.

tomorrow henry will not care one bit about this icing. i know that and i am thankful for that. i just thought i could handle the challenge... when will i learn not to take on a challenge the night before?

i will let you all know how my doctored duncan hines turns out.

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