Christmas Time

Monday, August 11, 2008

the latest...

for those of you who thought our summer had been eventful enough...

one week after ramey came home from the NICU we moved and then ross was laid off . just typing that makes my head hurt again. then a week ago this past sunday my grandfather passed away which had me and ramey on a plane headed to texas for his funeral. then for the cherry on top...i volunteered myself to be henry's room mom!

this has definitely been a season of pruning and so i am clinging to what i know about God. i am not here on earth to only please Him but rather to trust Him. i am having to choose in every moment to trust Him who has never let me down.

while ramey and i were in texas anna was learning to sleep in her big girl bed. here are a couple of pics...the first was during nap and the second is where she was around midnight. too funny!!

school starts tomorrow for henry. i can't believe it!! things should be slightly quieter now. daph will miss him i am sure but she starts school next week. what will i do with myself...oh yes- unpack!

ramey is doing well. she had a follow up with the hospital and everything looks good except her weight gain was not enough. babies are suppose to gain 1/2 to 1 ounce a day and she wasn't doing that when the nurse was out to see her. tomorrow the nurse comes and so we should see if she has picked up some pounds. i'll let you know.

i need to go make a lunch for my boy so till next time- please pray for the Lord to bring ross a job quickly!!!


One Hale of a Story... said...

WOW! Yall have been through it!Definatly praying for yall for everything! Much love from the Hale crew! I love your sweet attitude about all of it though. Truly beautiful!

Tonya Roberts said...

Hey! Those are really pretty, girly beds and bedding! I LOVE the new big girl look! Hang in there! This wild ride is bound to settle down here soon! It had better! I can barely keep up myself and I have had nowhere near the drama your household has had! Yell if you need help!