Christmas Time

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

we're moving...

today it is for sure. we are moving to seattle, washington. ross took a job there and will leave next week. the kids and i will follow, hopefully, before the end of october. it is crazy to think that we will be living in the northwest. 10 years ago i figured we'd live in texas all our life but look at the adventure we are on! we are excited about this new adventure. we love the coast and cold weather so we're giving it a try.

my heart is sad though. God has given us rich blessings in our friends here. i cannot imagine not seeing the faces of my friends each day. in fact my heart physically aches when i think of this. so much so that i am going to quit writing about it for now.

the kids go back and forth about the move. they don't want to leave their friends either but are very excited to whale watch and pick blueberries. i have checked out pumpkin patches and christmas tree farms.

i can't wait to see all the beautiful things that so many people keep telling me about. one thing i have realized though...we don't have winter wardrobes. if ever you want to give a gift to the newman family...ll bean gift cards, lands end gift cards...that would help to clothe our flip flop, tank top wearing family!

g.k. chesterton once said, "an adventure is an inconvenience rightly considered." adventure is defined as "an unusual, exciting, and daring experience." so we are following Him to a new place. though difficult, we know He is at work and our lives are in His hand. bring on the adventure!


Tonya Roberts said...

Oh Mandy! I can't believe you guys are actually moving! My thoughts and prayers will SO be with you all as you begin this next new and exciting leg of your journey. I shall be totally lost without your beautiful children to photograph!

Anonymous said...

i'm right there with you sister! experiencing the same emotions, hang in there. miss you tons.


Laurie said...

WOW, another adventure to learn more about His beuatiful creation. Maybe by the time you guys are forty ya'll will be heading east! :-) I'm excited for ya'lls faith and direction from the Lord. I will be praying for all those "little" details to be complete. I'll talk to you soon. Love you all bunches!!!

One Hale of a Story... said...

Nooooooo! I found a job for Ross at the company I work for here in Denton. Oh well. Seattle will be cool. I can totally see the Newman Fam thriving in Seattle. There's an awesome church up there that Jeff's cousin works with sometimes... I'll have to ask the name and pass it along to you.
No, I can't believe they're 3 months already! I'm watching him take a nap right now and he's just so big! He's actually 24 inches long and 14.5 pounds already. He's our little linebacker. People are surprised when I say he's only 3 months. Yes, he and Ramey will be a lovely couple and have beautiful children. Can't wait 'til the wedding in 2030 -- give or take.

R said...

y'all live such an exciting life! but i know change is hard, especially on you and caring for small children. i'll be praying for you, but i have to say i'm envious too--the COFFEE CAPITAL OF THE COUNTRY!! i'd just love to go visit at least.

i knew a girl in college whose parents dairy farmed in WA for tillamook cheese company. her photos from WA were always so beautiful!

and you are such a good mom to research your new territory for things the children can be excited about. good for you, creative mom!

and how could i forget--praise God for His job provision for Ross! i pray it's a really nice fit for him.

danny ewy said...

I will miss you guys so much. My sisters live in Seattle, so next time I am up there visiting them (once a year) I will have to check in on you.
God has a reason for all things, and even though it may hurt now to leave behind those people you have as friends, He is planning great things for you. You are the most beautiful God loving woman I know, inside and out. Just trust in Him to make all things more peaceful in your move.
Love you!

The Dortenzos said...

Hi Mandy! Thanks for your note! I would love to share about Cicely and would love to learn about Oliver! I think its healing to talk about them and you are so right when you say they live on as we share! Send me a quick email and we can share a little more! When Cicely was born it was over 5 years ago and we didn't blog then, so you will find lots of posts surrounding her pregnancy and birth but not at the actual time of her birth! Is Oliver's story totally on your blog?

The Hill Family said...

washington is a beautiful hubby would love for the army to take us that way someday! you will be in our prayers as i know moving is a chore...miss ya'll!

Ericka said...

I can't believe this....say it isn't so??!! i will miss you terribly & enjoy remembering the fun we had together! keep it touch!