Christmas Time

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the latest...

here's anna and emmie once again, loving life and enjoying each other.

ramey is now 3 and half months old...well she was when i took this picture. next week our little one will be four months old. time is flying by way too fast!

we withdrew daph from school at the end of september with the thought of moving away or at least saving money while we wait. last thursday i took the girls to the zoo with aunt cat and zach. we had a really fun time just enjoying the animals. i have to say, our zoo is just the right size for a morning outing. not too big and not too small.
this picture is of daphne being silly while we waited for aunt cat and zach to arrive. note my younger one in the background trying to jack the atm machine. we aren't that desperate!!

lastly, here's our birthday girl. daphne turned 4 on the 1st so we invited family and a couple of friends over for dinner and cupcakes to celebrate.

keep praying, folks. we are not going to phoenix either. there are a few things in the works right now so pray that something will stick SOON!!


mini excavator parts said...
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mini excavator parts said...
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mandy said...

i am not sure who mini excavator parts is so if i should know you then tell me so and if not then i will assume i don't know who you are.

Tonya Roberts said...

Such cute pictures! I can't believe how Ramey's hair is filling out so sweet already! She's so BIG! And Daphne looks like a little lady now! So big! Happy Birthday to her!

Anonymous said...

i cannot believe how much everyone is changing, could you please stop your kids from growing up until i get to see them again!!! miss you guys!!!


Kelley said...

Any chance of you guys coming back to Texas??

Garratts said...

Would be ironic if ya'll moved to Texas right after Jen and John.

Kelley said...

We are all doing great. We are all back to school after our Hurrication (the 9 day vacation we had due to Ike). We were in school for 13 days then out for 9. It was like coming back from summer vacation all over again.

We continue to pray for you guys. I'm sure this is a very stressful time. I hope Ross finds something soon. Wasn't he laid off right after Henry was born? Now after Ramey? That just isn't very nice.

How are you doing? Did you every fully recover from your medical issues during Ramey's birth? I don't want to get too excited, but it sure would be great if you guys headed back to Texas!! What is your email so we don't have to visit via comments?