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Friday, June 5, 2009

daphne's dance recital...

yesterday was a wild a crazy day for us. our normally scheduled programming was not available but will return today.

daphne's second dance recital was last night and so that meant a crazy morning for dress rehearsal. now i don't know if you remember but last year was a bit of a challenge for me when it came to putting her hair in a bun. i am pretty sure i use the word "shellac" many times in that post. this year was not as daunting but still an adventure. you see, she needed to be fully dressed, with costume and makeup and hair at noon for dress rehearsal and the actual recital was not even to begin until 7pm. that's right- somehow i needed to do her hair and then try to get her not to mess it up before 7 so that i would not have to do it again. we succeeded and she looked beautiful!!not sure why she wanted to pose like this but she still looked so cute i just had to include it!
our resident goofball!! such a movie star!

at the bottom of this post is the video of daphne's recital. she is the third from the left and she's on the back row.

daphne has enjoyed her year at dance but i do think she really missed her little friend ellie. as we dressed yesterday she said, "mom, i wish ellie was here with me. we did our recital together last year."

during daph's recital henry actually had a swim meet. i don't know anything official for his 3 races but i heard from more than one source that he came in 2nd on his backstroke!! he is really doing well. i am going to try to get some better pics of him swimming but for now here is one from the other day while the girls were doing their lessons.

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