Christmas Time

Thursday, January 14, 2010

retwo week...

so this week is retro week on facebook. i only have these pictures from when i was a kid. that makes me very sad because i just take such delight in looking at the pictures of our kids from over the last eight years. i am so thankful to atleast have these to share with my kids. in fact the months before ramey was born i began working on a scrapbook that was all about me. things i love, things i don't. quirks & habits. the way i met Jesus. how ross & i met. chores i do around the house and then a little something about being mom to each of the kids. i really enjoyed sharing these pictures in the album because strangely enough i think that at each age there really is a little bit of me in each of my kids. that brings me such joy. if you see them most say they look just like their daddy which i do agree with but then i see these pictures and i see me too.
me at about 4 trying our my new strawberry shortcake bicycle with banana seat i should add!

here i am at 10 months old...i think trouble might have been my parents second choice for a middle name.

here i am in kindergarten with a horrid bowl cut and velour shirt. i was so mad that morning when my mom made me where this and curl my hair under. these days this kind of hair is cool for preteen boys. i was a trend setter...what can i say!

two months old.
this is me at 3. i love this one. wish it wasn't cut in an oval (darn early scrapbooking).


laurie said...

I love all these pics! I think I had the same banana boat bike, but a pink basket. How funny! And yes, your face under the table spells trouble! I totally need to find some of my old pics. I can definitely see the girls in your young face. :-)

adp said...

It's wild how much your children favor your genetics. The funny thing is...I can see your husband in them too! So cute.