Christmas Time

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 things i love about you...

10. i love that when you suck your thumb you have
to hold your foot. you rub that big toe along the
edge of your lip and that is just how you roll.

9. i love how you wrap your little arms around my
neck when i hold you and you squeeze so tight
like you just don't ever want to let go.

8. i love that when asked a question you whisper your answer.
the older you get the less you do this but when
the big kids are not around you go back to your sweet little whisper.

7. i love it when i am holding you and you are
sucking your thumb- you
reach and pull my face right
up to yours as if to snuggle for a brief moment.

6. i love that you are an adventurer. too many times than i
would like to admit i have come into the kitchen only to find you
standing in the middle of the kitchen table.

5. i love that you are ALWAYS asking me "where's ____?" and "why?"
you are in a constant pursuit of learning!

4. i love that you start dancing when you hear music.

3. i love that as we drove past the gelato shop today
you began happily yelling, "ice ceam shop! ice ceam shop!"

2. i love that you seem to think taco tongue is a great way to greet others.

1. i love that God put you right here in our arms to love!


Mrs Bic said...

So precious!! She really is WONDERFUL!

Anonymous said...

oh my she is just beautiful, see you in a few weeks, yeah!!

Elizabeth said...

What a sweet girl. Beautiful pictures!