Christmas Time

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

smash cake...

so my girl is 1 and she loves cake!! it was so fun to watch her dig in to her cake. we gave her a cupcake with pink icing on her actual birthday as a trial run. at first we thought she might be rather tame but then it was as if the sugar kicked in and she went full speed ahead with the shovel action.
by saturday at party time anna was raring to go!! ross smoked some briskets and we served a texas style lunch with beans and potato salad. everyone seemed to enjoy themselves even though there must have 80 decibels of sound in our little home. 12 kids ages 5 and under had a good time!

once plates were cleaned it was the big moment! i put the candle in the cake and gathered everyone around the table for some birthday singing! anna knew what that song meant...she was grunting at the cake before it was even sliced. once on her plate...well i will just say that it was hysterical! she shoved, she grunted, she devoured! you only turn 1 once so when she asked for more i gave her a little piece. that seemed to do the trick.

moving on from there it was present time... i learned a long time ago with henry's parties that i should never try to tame the wildness of children who want to help open the gift that they brought. anna had the most fun just eating the tissue paper.

what a great day of celebrating our little girl!

Lord, thank you for a wonderful year of enjoying this precious child you have gifted to us. she has been such a joyful addition to our home. you are so good to us! we praise you for her life and what you will do in her.

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Aust Family said...

Happy Birthday, Blog friend Anna!

From Katie! (and her Mommy and Daddy too!)