Christmas Time

Friday, September 14, 2007

happy birthday, anna

today my baby girl anna turned 1. i can't get over how fast this last year has gone by with her. she is so sweet and full of smiles for just about anyone. lately i have referred to her as our little rugby player because she likes to duck her head down and plow into you- all the while giggling. tonight we will celebrate with a little cake that henry and i made today and then tomorrow some friends and family will come over and we will have lots of bbq and some more cake. pictures are sure to follow.

on another note... henry lost his very first tooth. on tuesday evening he showed me a pretty loose tooth and told me it was really cool to have a loose tooth. evidently at school he spent the majority of the time with his finger in his mouth wiggling it. when i picked him up his teacher said we might want to see if it would come out that night. thankfully during dinner he bit into his chicken and got a little nervous because his tooth was hanging on by a thread. ross grabbed hold of it and in seconds his first tooth was packaged and ready for the tooth fairy!

on the daphne front, she had her mascot parade at school yesterday. she was of course the cutest frog of all time. poor thing was exhausted though and so she didn't have much animation...that was probably a good thing that day!! she held ms. laura's hand the whole time but eagerly waved to all the other children. (she's the one in green shorts with a frog on her head.)

that's all for today but rest assured that i will have more pictures from anna's birthday this weekend.

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Laurie said...

O.k. - I was waiting for the fabulous birthday party pics to respond, but oh, well! :-) Sweet Anna, your smile is contagious! I bet you have a fun personality to go along with it. I can't wait for the day that you and Tate meet. Hopefully sooner versus later! Love ya'll!