Christmas Time

Friday, August 31, 2007

the many adventures of newmanland...

our little daphne went to preschool for the very first time last week. she has been so excited all summer long to wear her "pink backpack and go to school with ellie".

tuesday morning she got up and was ready to get her clothes on and head out the door before i ever had my feet on the floor. i was able to slow her down long enough to feed her and put her hair in a ponytail.

henry was excited for her as well. he told her that she would have lots of fun and meet new friends.

i can't get over how fast they are growing up!!

now i want to share with you a few other events from our last week...

here is event #1: i don't know if you can see what is going on in this pic but she is admiring herself in our mirror. whenever daphne has gone into my room and been quiet for any length of time i get nervous. she has a tendency to find nail polish and attempt to paint her toes even though my floor has been painted in the process. this day i went in with this yucky feeling in my stomach because i just knew she had painted something that could not be fixed. i walked in and to my surprise there she was putting on makeup. she found the mascara and so she put some on and now she looked like a puppy with a black circle around her eye. i love her but she sure can get into mischief!

event #2: as i worked on anna's birthday party invites i realized i needed some tools from my scrapbook stuff in the other room. while i was away i began to hear the sound of plastic hitting the tile floor in the kitchen repeatedly. as i walked around the corner i found my youngest in the sippy cup cabinet unloading each one and testing its durability. when she stopped she turned, looked at me and started laughing. what a cutie she is. she laughs and her whole body laughs too. she can smile with her eyes and she just gets more precious by the day. i can't believe she will be 1 in less than two weeks!
finally event #3: my kids love to do "crafts". that is code for creative mess. this activity has at times included paint, glue, pom pom fringe, pipe cleaners, colors and lots of stickers. in fact so many mediums are used for their "craft" time that i created a bucket for them. henry and daphne decided to get out the bucket the other day and start playing.

**side note- the day before we had gone to the dance boutique to purchase daphne's tap and ballet shoes and of course she had to use a disposable sock to do so. somehow henry confiscated the "sock" and it made it home.

back to the story- the kids were enjoying themselves as i worked on laundry and other chores. when i came into the kitchen i found them in only their underwear with stickers all over themselves. that is funny but what made me really laugh was that henry had taken the previously mentioned "sock" and put it on his head like a hat. all i could hear in my head was "son, you have a pantie on your head".

adventures are many in the newman household!


Laurie said...

Absolutely beautiful pics. I just love them! But I must ask, is Ross teaching make-up in your house these days. By the way, Chad loved hearing from Ross's been way to long! Love you guys!

Aust Family said...

So cute! We too are prepping for a first birthday party. Ours is this weekend. Talk about stress! I love the Raising Arizona quote about Henry! That has always been one that I pull out and use to make myself or others smile.