Christmas Time

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

please don't ever give this stuff to my kids...

i am going on record that i think moon sand is from the devil!! yes- you read that right. moon sand is a pain in the neck and if you ever give my children this stuff know ahead of time that i will be taking it back to target/walmart/big lots/ where ever they will exchange it.

last week my kids were filling in their responsibility charts almost full and i told them that i would get them a special treat once the entire page was full. this promise prompted me to pick up the much desired moon sand while at target. let me tell you the commercials make this stuff look so enticing even for me. i love making sand castles and i love play doh so this must be a great invention. the kids on t.v. are playing nicely, sharing with one another, enjoying some great time inside without mess. all this being said i bought the double pack, came home and put it in the cabinet.

today my kids successfully filled their charts and so i told them they could have their special treat- moon sand! they were so excited. the mom that i am knew that there was a chance for a small mess so i diligently laid out brown paper bags on the table and gave each child their long awaited moon sand. i went off to do some chores and was so pleased at the sound of harmony in my kitchen.

for maybe 30 minutes henry and daphne played well together. then it happened. i heard the awful mad yell of my eldest daughter so i knew it was time to go into the kitchen once more. when i came around the corner i found that the image of what moon sand is on tv and what it truly is were not one in the same. in fact moon sand is from the devil, oh wait, i mentioned that already. all over the table, the floor and the children were different shades of blue and green sand. sand is sand in case you get misled by the advertising. sand is still made up of tiny, minuscule grains that go everywhere.

because i have been known to wig out over mess that comes with creativity i bit my lip gathered what moon sand was not on the floor and took the children outside where they played until they could bear the heat no longer. meanwhile i swept and swept and swept sand until i could no longer see the blue and green layer across my kitchen floor.

many of you are thinking to yourself- of course you put the children outside with moon sand... well you watch those commercials and ask yourself if you think it will be as messy as your heart of hearts knows sand will be. i was bamboozled.

side note- i did try floam and floam is great!! way better than their advertising.

as for other going ons around here- we are 6 days away from henry's first day of kindergarten. we have orientation this sunday and we meet the teacher on monday. he is so excited as am i!

our yard has been rather over grown for quite some time but this past weekend a friend of ours who is a landscaper came and did miracles in our yard. our yard looks so big now! i liked the yard before but now i love it!!

other future house projects include- talking with ross' dad about some framed bulletins for the playroom. he is a great craftsman and so i want to see if he can build what i am imagining in my mind. we shall see...

i am also beginning preparations for anna's first birthday! i can't believe we are about to celebrate one year with our precious baby girl. she is still wonderful and a joyful little girl. (tonya- i am going to order her pictures this weekend or monday...sorry for the delay!)

i haven't taken many pics lately but we are going bowling tonight...i will try to remember my camera. i know next week we will definitely have new pics to share!!

till next time...


Ross said...

Great post, Mandy! Your blogging is both an inspiration as well as stressful to me. On one hand, your blogs make me want to blog about everything that's going on, but I'm also stressed out with the quantity and quality of your blogs. So my advice is: keep it up and ease up all at the same time!

I love you, sweetheart.

Elizabeth said...

Soooooooo funny!!!! What is floam?

Laurie said...

oh girl! You crack me up! We also made the mistake of opening up our Moon Sand about a month ago (yes, it was a christmas present I had continued to delay) I must say it is hard to be creative with stuff that doesn't stay together and doesn't last more than one sitting. I agree, complete waste. As for the responsibilty charts, where did you find yours,, I just went to a teacher store but wasn't too impressed...any ideas? I miss you bunches!

danny ewy said...

It is the first day of school!!!!!!

Tonya Roberts said...

Hey! School started 4 days ago for you guys! WHERE ARE THE PIX??? It's time for the official Kindegarten blog entry!