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Friday, July 27, 2007

movies with subtitles...

i don't often use this blog to recommend music or movies but today i am recommending a movie to you all. if you are willing to read subtitles and enjoy great symbolism then rent Babette's Feast. fantastic movie!

i find that i have enjoyed many great movies with subtitles. i remember watching a movie with subtitles about 6 years ago and i thought it was good but stressful. i find that i am really enjoying it more with each one i see. now you might think by the way i am writing that i have watched tons of these flicks but no. i have seen less than 10- but they were great. you know how on a dvd you have the option to watch the movie with an english dub over? i don't like makes me crazy when the sound does not line up with the way the actor's mouth moves.

rent Babette's Feast!! it will be a blessing.

fyi- thursday knock knock jokes are on hold if you hadn't noticed. a 5 yr old's joke inventory is rather limited... and what he makes up only a mother could laugh!

have a great weekend!

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Tonya Roberts said... is like SO totally AUGUST...don't you have ANYTHING at all new for us? ANYTHING? Pictures of the dogs? Knock knock joke? A recipe maybe? The subtitles are old news now! REALLY. really old! Find some news! Share it with us!