Christmas Time

Friday, July 6, 2007

knock knock "thursday" on friday...

so i know that yesterday was thursday and you all were expecting a new knock knock joke but i was feeling rather awful yesterday with a stomach bug so today before i feel yucky again i am bringing to you a new knock knock joke.

-knock, knock
-who's there?
-ice cream soda
-ice cream soda who?
- ice cream soda everyone can hear me

this knock knock joke is actually from my niece, chloe. chloe is also my niece who reads like a champ. whenever i read fancy nancy to my kids, i hear chloe's precious voice. she reads this adorable story in a way that transported this adult right into the story. i can't wait to see chloe again to hear her read the latest fancy nancy book. for any of you who don't know these books, get them!! they are so fun.

have a wonderful weekend!!

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Ross said...

I hear Chloe's voice on the "I don't feel fancy anymore" part. I'm glad you're blogging. It's fun to pop in and read what you've got to say. I'm glad that everyone who reads this gets a taste of your passions as well as your sense of humor..

I love you!