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Sunday, July 1, 2007

small bloggables...

this weekend temperatures were up to 110. let me say this for all my dear friends and family in the great state of texas, 110 here is nothing compared to 98 in houston. the dryness of the air out here makes 110 bearable...well, as long as you can be in a pool. in fact, i will tell you that when we go swimming, even when temperatures are in the 100s, it is slightly chilly when we get out of the water. it is the craziest thing.

another great thing to do to get out of the heat is to drive up in the mountains. tod & catherine took zach on his first camping trip this weekend and invited several of their friends up to hang out on saturday. ross, the kids and i went and picked up grandma carol (ross' grandma) and drove up to rose canyon. it was a good 20 degrees cooler there then down in the city. what a difference a nice breeze and fresh air makes. there were 11 adults and 9 kids (under the age of 5). by days end we had eaten fried chicken, fruit and even in midday we made a fire and roasted some marshmallows. the kids looked like coal miners when all was said and done but they had a blast. henry loves to lead people on hikes so he and some of the others kids led the dads up the big rocks until they were too tuckered out to go any farther. at one point henry and the other boys (4,2,2) began to pick up heavy logs that were a good 4 feet long and carry them around. i am sure i heard some grunting while they were hard at work. i hope to have some pics from our friends who remembered their camera so that you can see our little coal mining children!
(jen- when you read this, will you send over some pictures??)

completely different note- i was talking to someone, who shall remain anonymous, the other day. this very dear person in my life is one with great class and tact...unequaled by most. she is one of those people who can totally rebuke you and you walk away thinking she complemented you. now don't think that means that she is unclear in her speaking because that is not the case- she just has a God-given ability to kindly speak the truth in love. i have this point you think i am going to tell you about how this dear women rebuked me but that is not the case. rather i am going to share with you what she felt was blog worthy.

she and her husband were enjoying an evening with friends at a wine tasting party. the home where the party was held was on 15 acres of texas soil and the home was evidently enormous!! she described the "powder room" as bigger than the average sized full bathroom that many of us are accustomed to and it even had 20ft ceilings. the classy woman that i know excused herself to use the powder room and while looking at the ornate 20ft ceiling she wondered, "do you think a "fart fan" works when it is that high up?" if you aren't laughing then you did not gain the image of the stately lady saying "fart fan". it might be like laura bush using that phase. i nearly wet my pants when she used this terminology.

i often find myself looking at some one's shoes and then trying to determine what they say about that person. i think shoes must speak something about us...then again i only wear tennis shoes or flip flops most of the time and i haven't figured out what i am trying to say about myself with those shoes... do you think your shoes say anything about you?

i haven't posted a picture of our nephew, zach, in a while. he is really growing. he is 11weeks old and has the longest eyelashes i have ever seen on a baby that little. here is a picture of henry and little zach from a week ago. i never thought we would call zach, "zachy" but somehow with daphne always calling him that we have started to also. he hasn't been here long but then again it seems like he has been here forever. we are so thankful for him and his sweet place in our family. next to being a wife and mom my favorite role is aunt. thompson was our first nephew and i will never forget how he captivated my heart from the moment i met him. now, almost 9 years later, i still remember holding him for the first time!

i guess my "small bloggables" add up to one big blog for today.

till next time...

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