Christmas Time

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

tomorrow, tomorrow...

just imagine annie singing my title and then you will hear like i do in my head.

we leave bright and early tomorrow morning and yes- i have refrained from telling the kids! i have had great encouragement from several friends who did the same and they each say it is well worth the wait. the camera has fresh batteries and i am so ready to hit the road.

being that i may not get to my computer on thursday i thought i would make this knock knock tuesday instead. here it goes:

knock, knock
who's there?
figs who?
figs the doorbell- it isn't working!

back to our vacation... tonight as we were doing some more packing henry hollers from the other room, "i hope we are going to houston for our vacation." i thought i was going to cry...i am so thankful he misses my family as much as i do.

ross and i are so ready for some good seafood! when you are landlocked like we are you just don't order seafood often. we are planning on enjoying as much of it as possible. vacation isn't vacation without good shrimp, calamari, fish and the like!

daphne started ballet today. oh my goodness- it was so precious. she was so adorable twirling around looking at herself in the mirror. she is so long and lanky that she looked just like a sugarplum fairy! i will post a picture as soon as i get one.

hope you have a wonderful weekend and i will post as soon as i have pics from our trip!!


danny ewy said...

Have a blast!

danny ewy said...

time for a new entry. I want to hear all about your trip.