Christmas Time

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

today's musings...

school begins in just 19 days...ahhh! i can't believe it. i so excited to see what God has in store for us during this part of our adventure.

today i took the kids to the mall to buy their tennis shoes for the fall. stride rite is having their semi-annual sale, buy one pair get the second pair 50% off...this kind of deal comes in handy when you have more than one kiddo. we walk into the store and daph rips off her flip flops and grabs the first pair of shiny stylish mary janes (3 sizes too big mind you), puts them on and begins walking around the place like she owns it. finally we try the right size on only to be told that her foot is "extremely narrow". thankfully daphne didn't seem to care that she was going to have to have traditional style tennis shoes so that they could be tight enough to stay on her feet. she is happy with her butterfly tennies.

this sale included the clearance rack so i was pumped when i realized i could get my boy some good shoes for $10. of course when i asked for three different pairs none were available in his size. i guess the perk is that he will start kindergarten with "this season's" tennis shoes...boys don't care if they are in style this season but i am sure you could deduce that when you heard that the clearance tennis shoes in size 13 were already gone. both kids got some nice shoes for the start of the school year and oh- henry is sure that he runs faster now with these tennis shoes.

tonight ross' brother, his wife and there son, zach all came over. i promised to make chicken pot pie...this is a family favorite. i will say that my chicken pot pie is the best anywhere. my mom taught me how to make it early in my marriage and i have enjoyed cooking it for many of our friends. tonight's chicken pot pie was exceptionally good! henry asked for seconds and thirds. chicken pot pie is his all time favorite! the kids had a great time with uncle tod as he read to them. ross and i laughed when tod turned the page to one of the books and said, "oh this is a long one". sucker!! he was a good sport and finished the book.

zach is growing up so fast!! catherine says he is rolling over (though no one has seen him do it yet- even his own dad). he has an adorable smile and his hair still does the mohawk thing. what a cutie! we are about 7 weeks out from his adoption being finalized. we are all so thankful he is part of the fam.

on another note, check on my link to tonya roberts photography on the left. she took some pics of anna this morning and now my baby girl is on tonya's front page!! we had such a fun time. anna did great even though she hated the toole. she didn't want to touch the stuff and so she made some of the funniest faces of all time! tonya even attempted using a live fish in a fish bowl...which made me very nervous in theory. i just knew anna would experience her first sushi at the photo shoot but to my surprise she did not catch that poor fish- though she tried diligently! i love my baby girl and watching her today was such a delight.

oh Lord, You have blessed me abundantly! help me never grow complacent in my walk with You or with the life You have given to me. You have lavished on me what i do not deserve and i want to say thank you.


Tonya Roberts said...

That is one adorable girl you have got there!

And isn't it funny how little boys always immediately take those new tennies for a test run and ALWAYS declare that "Yep...these definitely make me run faster!" And girls...well... they just want the pretty bling!

Kelley said...

Anna is adorable. What a beautiful smile! This is the second time I've heard about this pot pie. Are you going to share the recipe?? Daley's starting kindergarten this year and I can't wait to go shopping for supplies and clothes. We are waiting for our tax free weekend though!