Christmas Time

Thursday, June 28, 2007

knock knock thursday...

this is one that daphne loves to tell people. she's pretty cute when she tells it too.
-knock, knock
-who's there?
-boo who?
-don't cry, it's just a joke.

what a day it has been! we were up and out the door by 6:35a.m. for a meeting i had. from there two of our friends came over for an all day play date. well- it was suppose to be all day. poor drew is allergic to dogs. about an hour into being at our house his eyes starting getting really red and he began to rub them. as time continued they got worse and worse. after lunch he was miserable and in tears. i called his mom and then his dad came over to get him and his brother. once he stopped rubbing his eyes the swelling went down and he perked back up but his mom and dad took him home. side note- our dogs were outside the whole time and he still had a horrible reaction. poor guy.

to top that off our daphne has been constipated for...well...her whole life. she has been having a very difficult time over the last 2 weeks. i had been in contact with the pediatrician this week and we had put her on a laxative. after 4 days on that we still were without any movement. today she had a very distended belly and was walking around saying, "mommy- you pray ask God heal my belly." she was hurting so badly. i called the dr. again and we went in. she has functional constipation as well as the same strep infection anna has been fighting for 6 weeks. we were told to go buy a couple of pediatric enemas.

i have heard about enemas but i have never administered one. we went home i gave her the enema and then we waited. we waited some more. i had her sit on the potty which she freaked out about and then i figured it wasn't working. i went to the kitchen to make a bottle for anna and then i hear crying. daphne is standing in the living room (on the carpet mind you) with poop running down her leg. i grabbed the carpet cleaner that was already out for some other reason of adventure and sprayed the floor as i scooped her up and headed for the bathroom. she still wouldn't go when i put her on the potty so i wiped her down and put her in a bath. moments later she began to cry so i took out of the tub and set her back on the toilet and she unleashed. it scared her a bit and so she shut down shop and wanted back in the tub. i drained the tub scrubbed it with clorox wipes and put her back in it. we did this about three more times until she seemed to be done. it has been about 2 1/2hrs and so i think she is done for the day but the amount was still very little for the amount of time she has been so backed up. i think we may be needing to do that remaining enema tomorrow. we shall see.
all that adventure has sure worn me out. i am thankful i could care for my precious girl and though gross, i would do it again for her.

fyi- i am calling a carpet cleaner tomorrow to make an appointment!


Sarah & Jason said...

Wow, the things that you do as a mom. Those don't show up on the job description, but I guess they fall under "other duties as assigned". :-) Hope Daphne is feeling better!

Aust Family said...

I like how even though Daphne isn't 100%, she is still a little joker Thanks for the Thursday Laughs! Sorry you are having to deal with the mess...but better in the tub and carpet than in the bed, right!?! Have a good weekend!

danny ewy said...

That is too funny! Poor Daphne, but she is lucky to have you as a mom. I think I would have just sat down and cried till it was all over. Then I would have called someone to help me clean up.