Christmas Time

Monday, June 18, 2007

9 months old...

anna is now 9 months old (as of last thursday). she is trying so hard to crawl up on her knees but she still uses the roll as her main form of transportation. she does not have any teeth yet though she drools like crazy. she loves to have henry and daphne sing to her. she is our most ticklish baby thus far. you can pretend to tickle her and she will start laughing. she is our treasure!

the kids and i have been making forts these days. its their little clubhouse where they think they can hideout and that no one hears their little conversations. it's pretty cute. in fact just now they were fussing with each other in their fort and i heard henry say "stop that , daph. do you want me to be nice to you?" well the Lord said to me "stop blogging and use this very moment to remind henry that i gave my life even when people were not being nice to me. love those that persecute you. " the Lord opened henry's heart to hear how he should treat his sister in that moment and without any prompting from me he apologized to daphne. i love their fort and that even under a big quilt and between some folding chairs God is there!henry spent the afternoon with his buddy kolton last week. you can see that there were battles to be won and women to save during their play date. i love watching my little boy growing into a little man.

i have children who are full of life and adventure and passion. they make me smile. they make me laugh. they make me want to pull my hair out. they make me get on my knees. they make me a mom.

there are some folks who say things about my kids ( i am hoping unintentionally) that really hurt me and i have to remember that my children are not here for the praise of men but must seek to please the Lord and receive His praises. as i parent my three amazing kids i am seeking to please the Giver of these gifts not the people around me. i struggle with this and lose sight at times of their little hearts that i have the responsibility of shepherding. that being said, God is at work in our family shaping and reshaping each of us into His image. i love watching Him work in the lives of my family.

God, you are so good to me. You have blessed me beyond measure. You are the One i want to please. may our family be a sweet aroma to You. Thank you, O Lord for never leaving us. i love you.


danny ewy said...

I can't believe how fast she is growing up. She is such a doll!

I wanted to tell you thanks for helping me to grow in my walk with the Lord. You are a great example to me. I just thought you should know.

Aust Family said...

First of all, I love Henry's Santa hat! Christmas in June, of course! Can you believe it has been 9 months since these little angels came into our lives? You've been through this before...but I am just amazed at the speed! Thanks for sharing your fun family!

Laurie said...

Mandy, I sit here in awe as I read about the amazing mom you are to your children. GOd is so honoring and will continue to honor your consistency in shepherding your flock. I just love you and your growing passion to praise and glorify our Father through this tiring season!!