Christmas Time

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

just plain weird...

i always new that my children would be genetically predisposed to weirdness. ross and i are pretty weird in our own right and today our son proved that he too is strange. i have told you all before that anna tends to suck both thumbs at the same time. well, today on our way home from vbs she was again sucking both thumbs and henry pipes up. this is how the conversation went:

h- "hey mom"
m- "yes, son"
h- "what if we could cut off our thumbs and put them where our buns (that's what we call the buttocks) go and put our buns where our thumbs go.
m- i am thinking..."where is he going to go with this?"
h- "then we could suck our buns."
m- "that would be really gross, goofball!"

i love my little weirdo.


Jennifer said...

that proves it ya'll are weird, poor little anna doesn't have a chance, but we still love ya, and what would ellie do w/out daph. seriously!!!!

Elizabeth said...

LOL! Was there really any question that your kids would be weird? :)

danny ewy said...

That was too funny!

Anonymous said...

Sound like life is pretty wonderful in the Newman home. By the way I finally sat down and updated my blogg. Thanks for the kick in the "bunns".