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Thursday, June 21, 2007

knock knock thursdays...

okay so there is a blog i read regularly and the author has thankful thursdays where she lists things she is thankful for. i love that idea so i will list things i am thankful for at the end of this post but i also want to make this knock knock thursday and share my son's knock knock jokes with all of you...

~knock knock
~who's there?
~panther who?
~panther no panther i'm going swimming!

that cracked me up!! if for some reason you don't get it pants or no pants i'm going swimming.

now to things i am thankful for today-
  • nine years with my husband
  • four awesome children
  • two wonderful sisters
  • fabulous friendships close by
  • fabulous friendships far away
i will save so many more for next thursday. have a blessed weekend.

1 comment:

danny ewy said...

What a wonderful idea!

I missed you today at church, but I know you had a great time with the girls. You deserve the break.