Christmas Time

Monday, January 7, 2008

a phrase my daughter picked up while with her cousin...

let me go on record, though my title totally points to a cousin i will make the disclaimer that henry once pointed the finger at his uncle tod for something he had heard me say. that being said, i must share this funny occurrence from this evening.

after the kids had their baths daphne and i were in her room getting her pjs on. she was trying to put her panties on and her little legs were still slightly wet. this can cause some frustration on the part of a 3 yr old. as she fumbles around trying to accomplish her goal i hear her say, "for crying out loud". trying hard not to laugh i asked her where she heard that. she says to me, "thompson".
i thought this was rather funny and had to share!

if this phrase was not learned from her cousin then i actually do not know where it came from.

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Elizabeth said...

I just laughed out loud. That little girl has a personality and a half!