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Friday, January 18, 2008

what not to wear...

for those of you who know me well you know that i rarely buy clothes for myself. in fact i would guess that my good friends take bets on which of my 3 long sleeved shirts i will wear to any given function. i only guess this because when i buy a new outfit they seem to notice. i know it is sad that i never buy clothes for myself but it is really and truly my least favorite activity on the planet. i have often thought that maybe i should recommend myself for that show, "what not to wear".

i say all this actually to point out a nice perk thus far into this pregnancy(almost 16 weeks)...i am still able to wear my normal jeans and the three t-shirts. this is great news being that my maternity clothes are, how do i put it...dated!! well i guess it is great could just mean that my jeans were fitting ridiculously. no, that wasn't the case. they aren't the most flattering or hip looking jeans but they weren't peg legged, acid washed, or total muffin top tight. all in all oprah would have torn them to shreds and found me a great pair but they worked for me.

on the subject of pregnancy- i realized that i have been pregnant at some point or another since 2000 excluding 2005. that is just nuts! this one is the last one for us so i am trying to enjoy it and savor the moments. i always wondered if i would "feel done" and i must say that i do even at this point. i am so very thankful for each little life God has graciously allowed me to mommy to no matter our short or long they have been or will be and so i am cherishing these days and look forward to the adventures ahead.

have a great day!

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Elizabeth said...

I think it's about time you post some pictures of your pregnant self!!!