Christmas Time

Thursday, February 7, 2008

forgive me, it has been too long...

i know, i give everyone a hard time about not updating their blogs and here i am waiting almost 3 weeks to update my own. so here's the latest.

this is what i saw a couple of weeks ago...cute, right? wrong! it was nap time and anna was in her bed resting. we are down to one nap a day so we are training her to take a longer nap at this time. about 30 minutes before i was going to go in to get her up i hear her talking. i was bummed because i knew she would be tired later but i figured she could stay in her bed till i went to get her. 15 minutes later i her her fuss a little...i knew we were close. then i hear a sound. it sounded like a door opening so i figured henry or daphne had gone in to comfort her. i went to see and this is what i saw. anna had climbed out of her crib and was coming in to the living room. when she saw me- she laughed. oh my word! that day we lowered her mattress to its lowest setting knowing this would give us at least 6 more months before moving to the big girl bed. nope- i was wrong. the next day she climbed out again. at this point i am ready to purchase a tent if we need to. i'm waiting till she climbs out regularly before we purchase one so if we do i will most definitely take a pic for you.

in other news the pregnancy is going well. we are 18 weeks and things seem to be going well. we will have our first of 3 ultrasounds on the 19th. again, we are not finding out what this baby is so don't pressure us!! my funny friend, who is going through a very hard time right now, tried to pull the "find out and tell me so that i can have some joy in my life" card. though tough i did say no to her.

my boys are planning on heading out for a boy's weekend of spring training baseball in a few weeks. ross and henry both are so excited to get away and eat hot dogs, get autographs & pics, and whatever other manly things that can be done at spring training. i am excited for them to have time together. it is good for henry to have one on one time with his dad!

daphne is infatuated with belle (from beauty and the beast) these days. she tells me at least once a day that she wants to buy the belle dress at the mall (at the disney store) with belle earrings and a belle crown. she sure makes my smile come up. she is still enjoying her pink "weapster" (leapster) that santa gave her and is actually quite good at many of the games.

we have been enjoying some family game time in the evenings lately. once anna goes to bed we have been playing a board game with henry & daph. we are trying to teach them how to be good sports both in winning and losing. this has had its challenges with henry who is very competitive and as for daph- she could care less who wins or loses. a new game we keep meaning to go out an buy but haven't yet is called blokus. if you haven't heard of it then check it out because it is fantastic. it is even fun for adults.

i promise to not wait so long before blogging again...sorry about that!!


Tonya Roberts said...

Okay...Blukus is a TOTAL Roberts family favorite! We play it all the time! We might as well get rid of all the others we have because the kids and hubby always only want to play Blokus! Target girl! Go get it!

Aust Family said...

Have you seen Katie's blog lately!?!?! The bed thing is crazy! I feel your pain!

Lara said...

Hey! It was good to hear some updates with your family. I wonder how much longer Anna will be in her crib!? I love Blockus! I am such a game person.

Lara said...

Hey! It was good to hear some updates with your family. I wonder how much longer Anna will be in her crib!? I love Blockus! I am such a game person.