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Monday, April 7, 2008

my health and our friday night event...

the date on this is monday the 7th but it is actually friday the 11th now...i have been a little busy this week.

let me say that last week was yuck. i ended up going to the er on tuesday might have been wednesday morning. i could not catch my breath at all. i do not have pneumonia but did have bronchitis. they did a chest xray and gave me a breathing treatment and then sent me on my way with a prescription in hand. i also had no voice all week. this made it interesting because it isn't like i could just not talk to the kids. they still needed interaction and correction at times. thankfully i am feeling much better and i have been able to sleep the last three nights without waking up in major coughing fits.

on another note- tonight is friday and often times on friday evening we will take the kids out to eat. tonight we decided to go to chick-fil-a. it is nice, new and has an enclosed almost sound-proof play area. if you remember many posts back i told you about daph's throw-up issue at chili's. i learned my lesson that night...if she says she can't eat any more then DON'T make her. tonight she had her last nugget and said she couldn't chew it anymore. i immediately handed her the box and she spit out the nugget. all was well and she ran off to play.

three minutes later she had a look of terror on her face as she ran out of the play area and i grabbed a napkin in the nick of time. she started her friday night throw up. i said to ross, "grab one of those bags." he did, he opened it, and in went the rest. what a team we are, i tell you!!

everyone got cleaned up and the evening went on. what's up with the friday night throw up from our 3yr. old? anyone else have this trouble?

as for an update on the pregnancy- we are starting into the 28th week. we are at the point where i will start going to see the dr. every two weeks, have non-stress tests twice a week, i still have at least 2 more perinatologist appointments left, steroids will begin in 4 weeks and we are hopeful baby will be baking in the "oven" for 9 more weeks. we will keep you posted if baby decides to join us early.

there you have it...the latest. stay tuned because i am planning a post all about my husband sometime over the weekend. i think it is high time to share how awesome a man he truly is.

have a great weekend!


Vivi DiLopes Adams said...

I'm glad to hear you feel better! Did you enjoy the WIC Retreat?
See you Sunday

Chrystal said...

Mandy~ I love your new border! How do you get those cute ones on your blog? I'll be praying that this baby decides to stay in the womb at LEAST 9 more weeks!
Chrystal Page Bachmann

Elizabeth said...

28 weeks already! WOW!!! I'm so excited for you! I wish you were feeling a little better.

C throws up ALL THE TIME. I think, when she really likes something, she just eats too much, with not enough fluids. Also, she is allergic to uncooked milk and eggs, and I think sometimes she gets traces of stuff and her body just can't handle it. I haven't cracked the code on it yet, but please let me know if you figure it out.

And I agree with everyone else -- your new blog layout looks amazing!