Christmas Time

Saturday, April 12, 2008

saturday morning...

real quick i wanted to post about some memories ross and i were just sharing. during breakfast we were talking about things in our childhood that we hold as special memories- orange rolls from moeller''s bakery, crabbing in the bay, playing on the beach, etc.

after breakfast ross was sweetly washing the dishes and he asked if i remember our date nights during our first year of marriage. we would scrounge up our last couple of dollars and go buy a couple of egg rolls then walk the mall. another date was to scrounge up those dollars, take our coupon and go to TCBY. we would get the same thing every time- i got white chocolate mousse and he would get whatever sorbet was available- buy one get one free.

it can be so easy to forget what God has brought us from. He has been so gracious to us and to our marriage even when by any standards we were failing. He has redeemed us and our marriage- He is good.


Garratts said...

Your new makeover on your blog looks great.

Your husband did an awesome job on mine too.

Thanks again.

One Hale of a Story... said...

Just wanted to let you know I used Henry as an example in a Bible study I was leading on Wednesday. Until Piers gets here and starts making his own stories, I'll just use Henry's!

Elizabeth said...

You two are very sweet.

Ericka said...

um....weren't you harassing me about not posting?? i think it's time for some new bloggy blogerisms!! :)