Christmas Time

Monday, November 10, 2008

haircuts and baptism...

henry decided to give himself a HAIRCUT on the morning of his baptism. yes- you read that right...he cut his own hair an hour before we had to be at the church. let me just say that our son was blessed with a double cowlick on the back of his head. this allows for an unintentional mohawk when his hair gets too long. the mohawk had been starting to stand out in the last week but i had no time to take him to get a haircut and he never seemed bothered by it. that was until sunday morning.

he came in after having gotten dressed and said, "mom, can you cut this up here? it's standing up." i responded with, "sure, just go get me the scissors." on his return he had a strange and guilty look on his face. then i saw it. there was a patch of hair laying on the front of his little vest. i then brought my eyes up to his hairline and there it was...a chunk taken out of his hair.

i immediately prayed, "Lord, don't let me lose it over something silly like this. help me keep my cool." i took a deep breath, smiled and told him to not cut his hair again. i then said, "henry, i am going to get the camera, take a picture of you and then shave your head." that's what we did.

for many of you who might want to see henry's baptism i have included the video of it here for you. henry prayed to accept God's gift of salvation two and a half years ago and recently began asking about baptism. he was very excited to let his church know that Jesus is his Savior. by the time we got to church and he saw all the people my shy little guy decided to only nod and answer the pastor with a quiet voice. it was precious to actually see what God has already done in his heart and the work that is going on in him daily. i held the tears back until the water poured over his head. what a day!!


Tonya Roberts said... video Mandy?

Jen said...

oh my word, i can see the whole thing unfolding as i read. would like to see the video though. give that precious boy a hug from us!!! love that kid.


Laurie said...

How beautiful! The hair part will definately go down in the memory books every year you celebrate his spiritual birthday. Way to control your tongue, Mandy! You are in amazing mom and love of life.

The Ellis Family said...

Don't you love surprises like that, especially when you're about to make it out the door!! Can't say he didn't make it more of a memorable day!!! That's great for him, I bet you're a proud mama!

stacpan said...

Mandy- I am just getting caught up from the holidays and loved reading this about the hair cut- I remember the day Bradley went up to the front to say he had asked Jesus in his heart he was wearing a Christmas Bart Simpson sweat shirt! We had no clue he was going up that day! Don't you love kids!