Christmas Time

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

life with four...

i often am asked, "what's it like with four kids?" well let me give you a quick idea...
trying to capture a family photo for a christmas card is basically impossible. in fact i think next year while attempting the for mentioned photo needed for a christmas card i will also have someone there video taping the whole ordeal. then instead of a family photo we will send out a dvd of the "adventure" and title it "we tried".

another fun thing about four kids is the fact that real life happens and though i would love to be able to have my eye on all the kids at all times (for safety reasons) i just can't do it. sometimes i have to go upstairs and change a poopy diaper and the others are left downstairs.

yesterday this is exactly what happened. i took ramey caroline upstairs to change her diaper and left the other three in the living room. upon my return i saw anna on the floor in the laundry room. i was not concerned at finding her in this location simply because her other name around here is emelda marcos and the laundry room is where we keep our shoes. i assumed she was putting on some shoes... we all know what happens when we assume! i said to her, "anna, what a you up to?" she turned around and this is what i saw-
don't worry- it is not blood. no it is in fact- my lipstick. for whatever reason she decided to put it on as if it were eye makeup. it actually scared me when i saw her at first but then i realized what it was and so i grabbed the camera and then washed her face.

i am finding that in so many situations where i could totally lose my cool and get mad about something the kids did if i grab my camera then i calm down rather quickly. don't get me wrong she did get corrected for this choice but not with the anger that was there when i realized what she has done to my lipstick.

another fun thing is that i love the stage where ramey caroline is (by the way she has finally reached 12lbs)...she found her feet a while ago and loves to put them in her mouth. this lends itself to seeing serious baby yoga poses!!

well there is just a glimpse of what has been going on with the kids around here.

for any of you who might not have heard- ross is working again. he started a position here in tucson last week. though it is a 3 month contract position it has potential to become permanent after that time. please pray we would trust God to put him right where he needs to be for as long as he needs to be there.

have a wonderful thanksgiving this week. i know our family is so very thankful for this year in many ways. praise the Lord we are able to say thank you!!


R said...

oh man...we've not been there yet with the lipstick, but i'm sure it's bound to happen some day!

GREAT color, by the way! love it!

jen said...

oh my word anna will forever keep you on your toes, and check out those abs on ramey!!! have a wonderful thanksgiving. we miss you all.


Kevin said...

Call me crazy...but I think Anna may be a fan of the Ultimate Warrior.

One Hale of a Story... said...

our pediatrician says putting feet in mouth is a 6 month skill. See, she may be dainty, but she's advanced!
And the lipstick to me looks like something a super hero would have. Now all she needs is a snazzy super hero name that involves lipstick. So cute!

Ross said...

Kev, you might be right. My thought is that she was on her way to becoming Brandon Lee in The Crow. Mandy just happened to catch her before she could complete the makeup.

Tonya Roberts said...

Oh bless your heart! There really never is a dull moment with your crew, is there? I enjoyed TRYING to take their pictures and thought they were charming and delightful. I love Anna's spunk! Chris' mom used to tell me all the time, "you may be outnumbered, but you are bigger than they are!" Hang in there and enjoy this crazy ride!