Christmas Time

Sunday, February 15, 2009

a few of the stories at a time....

so i thought it might be fun to give some of the back stories on the things i admitted to doing on the previous post...don't worry i am not giving details on everything but i will for most.

#1 started my own blog- i started this blog back in december of 2006. as i said in the very first post my sister and i have have some crazy quota of words to say in a day and this is one avenue in which i can do that. this blog has also become a great way for me to capture many of my day to day joys and frustrations. writing and reading blogs is one of many little pleasures i enjoy.

#3 played ina band- i did not ever play in a band but i did play the vioin in elementary and middle school. i am not sure why i started in the 3rd grade but my first teacher had us hold macaroni and cheese boxes with paint sticks attached and i can't figure out why... she also had us lay on our backs on the floor to practice our posture. ms. drabowski was her name and she had a pitt bull. i remember the strangest things about people. in middle school i played in the orchestra so that i could go to a school that i was not zoned to attend. we played vivaldi's four seasons, memories and plenty of other pieces but i am pretty sure that i could not play that instrument now even if my life depended on it. i am not even sure how i did so well back then and if i had to do it all over again i think i would choose to play the seems so much more soulful and less whiny.

#7 been to disneyland/world- actually i have been to both. i did not go to disneyworld as a kid but rather at the age of 21. our family never did the "family vacation" thing and so as three married adults my sisters and i and our husbands plus our nephew, thompson, met at disneyworld for our first ever family vacation. we had a fabulous time and i think i was as in awe as any five year old there. **funny story** at epcot we were enjoying the different countries. while in mexico i had a margarita as we walked on to our next stop. i didn't really think about how dehydrated i was already and needless to say- i got pretty tipsy. once we got to germany i was sick as a dog and had the chance to visit a german bathroom. never again i tell you!!

#8 climbed a mountain- i have actually climbed a few. in high school on a younglife trip i climbed a mountain, we have climbed some here in tucson as well, i climbed one in colorado and another in northern california. henry loves to climb also. his leadership skills really come out when he on the mountain. he guides others and leads them with a gentle confidence. i am looking forward to climbing more soon but with four kids...we need a babysitter at least for the girls.

#10 sang a solo- i have sung two solos. my first was an absolute disaster. i was a freshman in college and i was singing a great song at church. i totally forgot the words and made an absolute fool out of myself. in the spring of that same year i did a solo for rez week in the mall area of our college. it was loud enough with all the students walking through that i am pretty sure no one paid any attention. i was not made to be a singer though i think i have this deep seeded desire to be one.

there are just a few stories. it has been fun to revisist some old times. in fact this week ross and i went through old pictures from ross' childhood and then our high school and middle school years. there was belly laughter going on over here! i can't wait to scan those pics in and let you all laugh till you cry.


jen said...

i want to see those pic's i need to laugh, can't wait to see you!!!

love ya,

Aust Family said...

i would like to see those pictures too...but make sure to edit out any ugly Kristen pics...ok!!! oh wait...then there would be no pics of me from middle school! darn!!!!

One Hale of a Story... said...

Oh Mandy, what a life you have lived! I rejoice in your stories. I have told the one about you being electrocuted as chucky cheese a few times.