Christmas Time

Thursday, February 26, 2009

a child's faith...

this morning anna and i were sitting on the floor playing with a shape toy. the plus sign we have always called a cross. when we got to the cross here is our conversation.

anna: "this a cross"
me: "that's right, anna. who died on the cross?"
anna: "God did"
me: "why did Jesus die on the cross, anna?"
anna: "i have a bobo."

it's that simple. He loves us so much even with all our "bobos" that He died for us.

thank you, Lord for revealing yourself even to my anna. thank you for giving her something she could understand about your love and sacrifice. give us the wisdom to grow her knowledge of you so that she can follow you in faith all her days.


Elizabeth said...


(Although I didn't understand at first, because I was thinking bobo as in Bobo the Clown, and I was, like, that doesn't even make sense???!!!)

laurie said...

How precious Mandy! What a wonderful teachable moment in your home. You are such a great mommy! It is precious to see God using a shape toy to draw her near.