Christmas Time

Friday, April 17, 2009

just in case anyone still reads this thing...

i know, i know. it has been so long since i have updated this thing! i really do miss blogging but to be real honest...i am so stinking exhausted by day's end i just can't seem to get on here and update it.

i also have decided that on many levels facebook is so much easier to keep connected to people. however, there are still many of my family and friends who are not facebookers and/or would like to hear the stories behind the pictures. that is precisely why i love to blog and to read blogs... i love to read the stories and the details of people's lives. so, just in case any of you still read this thing- my apologies for the hibernating.

much has been going on around here. we are enjoying the spring in the desert and all the fun that can be had during these months. here is what we've been up to this month-

it's baseball season!! this is henry's first year of coach pitch baseball and he is doing pretty well. in fact, today our boy hit his first home run and got the play at second for the third out!! i was so excited for him i cried.

ross' mom, grandma and i took daphne to a tea room here in town for an afternoon tea. it was so girly and so sweet. daphne picked out a frilly dress. daphne had a strawberry and creme tea sandwich with hot cocoa and we had scones, tea sandwiches and wonderful teas. i am looking forward to taking her there again!
Easter morning was very sweet. we awoke to "He is risen!" the kids, a week later, are still exclaiming "He is Risen. He is Risen, Indeed!" i am so glad they know that Easter is not about the egg hunt.

we do love a good egg hunt too. on Easter eve the kids dyed eggs and did a really great job. we made our own dye this year so we were able to choose what colors we wanted. i don't think we will do purple again because it is more like a strange shade of grey.

all of ross' family came over for Easter dinner and an egg hunt. this is all the cousins (minus ramey who was taking a nap). i can remember as a kid going to my grandparent's house and hunting so many eggs that there was actually a map drawn up each year so that we could make sure all the eggs were found...back then we still hid hard boiled eggs.
anna's hair was getting crazy long and pretty scraggly. she hadn't had a haircut yet so yesterday that's just what we did. we cut her hair off! it is so short!! i'm still trying to recover a bit from the change but she sure looks adorable!! she looks just like daphne did at this age (but with both front teeth thus far).
finished product!!
here's our smiley 10 month old!! ramey is crawling, pulling up, trying to cruise and clapping. she is still the most precious little thing ever and i can't believe my baby girl is almost 1. oh what a year!!
though these two bicker quite a bit they still love with all of who they are. i know that it won't be long and these two girls will be best friends. anna adores her sister and i love to watch daphne love on anna.
we signed henry up for swim team and he started practice yesterday. so far he likes it. i will try to get pictures soon and post those too!

as for ross and i- we are trying to learn the intricate balancing act of time together (just us) and time as a family. someone said to him today that life is going to get really crazy over the next few years. though we know it is true we want to protect our family from the rat race as much as we can. tonight we are going on a date (we have FREE babysitting!!!). it is always nice to just be with my husband and to laugh together and not have to pause a conversation to correct behavior. dates (especially free ones) are few and far between so we will enjoy every minute tonight!

Lord, i praise for this season of life that we are in- no matter how crazy and hectic it is or will become. i pray that our lives would be a beautiful symphony written and directed by You.


Vivi DiLopes Adams said...

Enjoy your hubby! :)

laurie said...

yay!!!! It's so good to see your beautiful faces on this screen! O, how I've missed the updates, but I am RIGHT there with ya!!! Enjoy your time with Ross Hope to chat soon!

The Hill Family said...

glad you had a chance to update! I, too, love the stories, but understand firsthand the difficulty with finding the time to record the moments! Your kids are precious!!

Elizabeth said...

I loved this update SO much, Mandy. Your kids are not allowed to get so big when I am not there to see it! It is so weird how I don't see them for so long and then Anna looks exactly like Daphne.

The tea party looked like so much fun. How awesome that you got to spend time with Daphne. I love that you make time for that, with all of the business of your life. Such a great reminder.

Tonya Roberts said...

WOW!!! Anna and Daphne look SO much alike! Looking at Anna is like rewinding Daphne!!!! They could nearly be twins! So cute! Love Anna's haircut. She looks so grown up now! They are growing so quickly. It's easy to pick out Henry in the pictures...but I find myself having to really scrutinize the pictures of Anna and Daphne! Cute, cute, cute they all are!