Christmas Time

Sunday, September 20, 2009

family, car pool and chores- oh my...

i can't believe it has been almost 3 months since i posted anything on here! ugh!! it drives me crazy that i have let that happen.

much has gone on around here so i think i will catch you all up via pictures.

after ramey's birthday we took a mini vacation up to a resort in phoenix with the gooding family. we all had a great time enjoying our time by the pool! definitely a must for next summer!

the kids were packed and ready to go by 7:30 am...estimated time of departure = 9am

anna didn't want to be in this pic but here is ross and 3 of the 4 heading to the pool!anna did enjoy being in the water- especially if she could snag ramey's are something to get excited about!

alan and allison getting a couple of minutes to themselves!

me & my girl!

anna, me & hj

swim team was such fun this year!!
henry improved 10 fold this year with his swimming. by championships he placed 4th overall in backstroke, his favorite stroke!

henry & his buddy kody
connor, henry, alia and callie
some days cookies are a must!
ramey loves to feed herself! weighing in at 17lbs at 12 months we've had to find foods to fatten her black beans, cheese and avacados
in july we went a tucson toros game with uncle tod, aunt cat and zach. the kids had a great time!!CYT is a youth theater group that henry and some of his friends enjoyed over the summer. for one week a ton of kids gathered on the UofA campus and by friday they put on a production of the Lion King.
henry was part of the chorus but had a one line solo!
we took a big trip to texas right before school started. we drove to denton first to see friends and to stop by ollie's grave. this is our first picture of our 5 kiddos!once we left denton, having seen krissy and the carbajal family we headed south for a week at the beach. it was much needed time in the sand.

while at the beach i actually got to see two of my friends from my younger years! i have known allison and kristen since elementary and jr. high. funny thing was- kristen and her family were staying about a block away so we caught up with her and then allison and 2 of 3 of her boys drove down for the day just to hang out with us! it was such a treasure to see both of these girls!while on our beach trip, the first day, i put my camera in the beach bag to protect it but somehow a water bottle that didn't get closed all the way ended up in the bag and poured out all over my camera. ugh!!! so for now i can only use my iphone. i am hopeful to get a new camera for my birthday/christmas gift this year!

once we got home from the beach it was time to start school again! henry started second grade, daph started pre k and anna is enjoying her first year of pre school.

born on august 12th, baby hannah catherine joined our family! i was so blessed to hold her before she spent the next week and a half in the nicu. all is well and she is wonderfully healthy and settling in at home with mom, dad and big brother, zach.there are still more pictures to share, the girls start to school and anna's bday but for now i need to get some sleep! hope you enjoy the overview of the past few months and i hope to not be so far behind next time!


jen said...

well just look at it this way you aren't as far behind on your blog as your sister is, he, he!!!


The Hill Family said...

yea!! So glad to see new photos and the stories to go behind them on your blog! :) Super cute!!

laurie said...

what a great slooo of pictures! I loved seeing all your family, near and far. I just treasure the picture of Ollie's grave and his siblings. How precious! I love you dear friend and look forward to talking soon.