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Saturday, September 26, 2009

iphone pics...

over the last several months i have enjoyed having my iphone on hand to capture those moments that will not ever be least not in a genuine fashion. now these pics are not in chronological order by any means but who cares...this isn't the scrapbook!

here are my two middle girls headed into pre school for their first day. daphne loves school and so it was sweet to watch her lead her baby sister into class. anna is loving it!

many people have asked what is it like having four kids. here is a glimpse. while i was fixing dinner ross and all four of the munchkins sat together to read a book. i loved this moment in is exactly what i hoped for!

these girls bring such joy and laughter to our family each in there own way! this was a trip to the zoo and they were just waiting on the wall for our friends to arrive. i pray they will grow a strong friendship with one another in the years ahead.

i may have posted this picture before but this captures our anna. most mornings she is up by 5:45am dressed and spending some quiet time by herself or with our dog, otis. on this morning she had let him outside and pulled up a chair next to him to watch the morning arrive.

for some reason i thought it would be fun to get anna her first hair cut. we went with a cute little bob and yes it is cute but i am still not sure why i cut off those curls! silly me, adorable her!

here's our henry covered in shaving cream. for the end of the year swim team party they had a huge shaving cream fight. he didn't hesitate to join this chaos!!

now this is why i have an iphone! here we are in old navy one day and while we were in line anna finds these boots. often times i would tell her not to do this and to come stand next to me but in a rare moment of delight and enjoyment i let her waddle around in these GIANT rain boots. she's adorable and it was just plain fun for a few minutes for all of us.

here's my precious husband and his two eldest. i love how ross loves all of us. he gives of himself all the time...i really mean all the time. these kids have such a great example of a husband and daddy and i praise God for that all the time!

this is an arizona sunset. sadly i have grown to take them for granted all too often but not on this day. it was breath taking as most of them are. the sky here is more beautiful than anywhere i have ever been...pure and beautiful.

girl's night out for daph and i! i got my hair done and so did she. there truly is a difference between super cuts and the salon and the price difference wasn't too bad either. we followed up our hair appointments with sauce and frost (for you non tucsonans- pizza and gellato).

just last weekend i took henry & daphne to see cloudy with a chance of meatballs in 3D. we had a blast!! i love taking them to the movies. i am looking forward to toy story and toy story 2 next weekend.

so there you have one more little peak into our world.

Lord, you have so richly blessed me with our little 6-some. Lord, help me to instill in our children a love for our family both near and far. i pray they learn, through word and example, how to enjoy the little things time and time again and i pray we would glorify You by enjoying You forever.

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jen said...

love the new blog and the pic's such sweet kids, miss them tons!! and the sunsets, oh the sunsets!!! we don't have those in texas.
miss you,