Christmas Time

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

long time, no post...

wine tasting party

for the last four or five months ross and i have been tossing around the idea of hosting a wine tasting party for some of our closest friends. after the christmas season ended we started planning and this past weekend was the culmination of all of our ideas. it was fantastic party! nine years of marriage and i had never used my china until this party. we tasted four red wines from different regions, served prime rib and enjoyed friendship.
as i prepared the tables and was cooking the food i found myself stressing about wanting everything to be perfect. i did not want to have that "stressed out" look when our guests arrived so i was praying that God would help me relax and just enjoy the party. then i began to think about our purpose in hosting this party. as i have blogged before, i want to bring fame to God not myself. somehow in the preparations of this party i was trying to bring fame to myself. what great timing for God to change my heart and purpose in our party. as guests arrived i found myself truly enjoying the chance to serve them. i was blessed by the opportunity to sit around the table laughing and talking with our friends. i don't know if our party brought fame to God but i know that my heart was focused on that purpose.

thank you, Lord for the blessing of friendship and the chance to celebrate it.

our table- before and during the party

jennifer & john
allison & alan
nathan & abby
tod & catherine

five months old

anna is five months old today. she is still pretty content to not do any rolling...well unless she is really ticked off in her bed, then she rolls over. i have come to realize that we are so busy that she rarely has the opportunity to just lay around and practice rolling. in due time!she loves playing in her exersaucer. she sat in one for the first time at church on sunday so we pulled ours out and she sat in it tonight. she was having a good ole time before bed.

soon to move

in the coming months we will be relocating to northwest tucson, God willing. because of our role in our church plant we desire to be located in the general vicinity of what will be dove mountain church. our search is on for a home to rent with enough space for all of us. we will keep you posted on where we end up!

well this should get everyone up to speed on our world these days. i am working really hard to slow down and not over commit so i should be back to my normal blogging frequency. have a great week!


Elizabeth said...

You guys always do such fun things! I still can't get over how much Anna looks like Daphne at that age. She is adorable!

Sarah said...

We've been thinking about doing something similar, it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!!!