Christmas Time

Thursday, February 1, 2007

we were going to the mattresses...

if you have read ross' blog in the last couple of days you know that daphne has given up on sleep.

well, last night we were ready! we were going to the mattresses on this one. before bed we prayed with her and talked about not getting out of the bed in the middle of the night. let me tell you we were prepared for a battle...much like the one we had been fighting for the last 3 weeks. we were so prepared that my ingenious husband set up the pack-in-play in our closet for anna and then he put up the baby gate in daphne's doorway just high enough that she couldn't crawl under it and she most likely couldn't climb over it.

there is nothing quite like being prepared for a battle and not even having your enemy show up! praise the Lord, she stayed in her bed all night!!!!!!! at 6:45am we heard her sweet voice saying, "mommy, mommy".

ahhh, sleep. it does the mind good!!

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