Christmas Time

Monday, January 29, 2007

the art of the exclamation mark...

if ever i have sent you an email or you have read this blog, you can attest to this "mandyism". i am an exclamation mark over-user!! (see there it goes again.) i am sure that if i were to speak my writings i would have to show WAY more enthusiasm than intended originally.

why is this i wonder??? why do i feel the great need to make exclamations?

it is not always because what i want to tell you is sooooo amazing but rather that i want you to know that i think it is a blessing to share something with you as my friend. you are important to me so i want the blessing that our friendship is to me to be overflowing in all that i say to you.

wow- that needs an exclamation mark(s)!!!

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Ross said...

I find that I also use the exclamation mark frequently, but my preference is the use of multiple periods...I'm not sure why I use them all the time, but the multiple-period is a good separator between thoughts...I love you sweetheart!!!