Christmas Time

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

"heaven is the north pole"

how amazing it is to sit back and just listen to our children play. so often my world of running around doing errands, cleaning up the neverending messes in our house and doing loads and loads of wash seems to be too noisy to hear their little imaginations. our imaginations are not some strange quirk that we developed at random but rather a sweet gift from our Maker. if you are like me and love to get into a great book it probably has something to do with allowing my imagination to paint a scene and to watch the characters, each one so unique, play out great adventures in my mind.
today henry's little friend callie is here to play. they play so well together...if you have ever had someone else's kiddo over for a playdate you know how important the playing "well together" can be. right now they are dressed up in costumes- callie a fairy named lissa and henry a police officer named santa. they are talking about pets, Christmas, babies and Jesus. just a minute ago "lissa" was asking "santa" how he knew all the things she wanted for Christmas and henry, being santa, explained to her that their God, Jesus, whispered in his ear exactly what she wanted. then he proceeded to tell her that heaven is the north pole.
so what, if his understanding of heaven is a little off in terms of location. he gets the fact that it is a very special place!
thank you Lord for creating in us the ability to imagine. let me be like a child.

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