Christmas Time

Sunday, January 21, 2007

snow in tucson!

it began to fall around 6 tonight and will continue off and on all night. that's right, snow! when we moved out here in april of 2005 henry began praying for snow to fall. now, almost 2 years later, henry has seen that God answered that request. we have had snow since we've been here but we have had to drive up onto the mountains to see it. tonight we enjoyed snow in our own yard!

here are some more pics from

callie and henry had to go check out the snowflakes before they even got jackets on.

isn't luke, callie's little brother, the cutest??

daphne and i even joined in the fun. i love watching the kids enjoy such an unexpected treat!!
thankfully our friends, the bushelmans, gave henry this great winter coat last night just in case there were anymore "snow" days this winter. it came in handy tonight!! daph sure liked throwing snowballs at ross and me. snowball throwing was much preferred over sledding. (that's what we did last to come soon!)

there you have it... snow on the ground in tucson!

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Kelley said...

Oh how fun! Did you get enough to make a little snowman? I remember the snow in Denton that New Years we came to visit. It is always such a treat to get an unexpected flurry. Probably not such a treat in the northeast :)