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Sunday, January 14, 2007

not again...

let me go on record...i am done!! i am not doing this anymore!!
for those of you who may not have read ross' blog awhile back about daphne and her tooth- let me get you up to speed.
the second week of october daphne and henry were playing on a wooden rocking horse that we have in our living room. she was being silly, fell and knocked out her front left tooth root and all. after months of haggling with trying to reroot the tooth and then attempting a bridge we finally became content with our toothless little girl.

well this past friday the dentist office called and said, "we've got an opening this morning would you like to bring her in and we can try cementing that bridge again?" i agreed and so we went.
about an hour and half later the bridge was in and she looked precious! see the pictures on your left. so her smile isn't perfect any longer but she looks great with the bridge.

after 24 hours we were encouraged about the possibility of it staying in. after 44 hours (that was this morning) i saw her before leaving for work and the tooth was still in looking good! well about 9:30 this morning i get a call from ross saying that she was playing, tripped and fell into his elbow once again knocking out the dang tooth. let me just say - i was crushed. my heart physically ached for a brief moment. i don't know why it upset me so. this is the 3rd...maybe the 4th time she has knocked that bridge out. i shouldn't be surprised.

God is good all the time! He gently reminded me later this morning as i drove home of the story in 1 samuel when samuel had gone to the home of jesse to find the king that God has chosen. as samuel was looking at one of jesse's sons he says to himself - oh this one must be the king God has chosen. then the Lord says to him to not pay attention to this man's outward appearance. man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart.

my prayer for daphne and for my other children is that their hearts would be ones that seek to know Christ wholly. i pray that they each would love Him in such a way that their joy and their affections would be towards Christ. i have so many things to pray for when it comes to my kids but today may it be that their reflection would be that of Christ.

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