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Saturday, January 27, 2007

a taste of andalusia, spain...

tonight was such a blast! ross' brother and sister-in-law went to spain a few years back and had a phenomenal time. we also have spent a little time with one of the golfers on the u of a women's team who is from spain. well all of that has given us a taste of spain but tonight we went to cafe vicente, a pretty authentic spainish restaurant for a date night with tod & catherine.

we enjoyed tapas (small portions of food - much like appetizers) and sangria. evidently in spain they do not eat until late into the evening, which is something we just don't do these days with the kids. our reservations were for 6:30 so we had eaten our meal when the entertainment began. wow!! there were 3 young guys who were playing flamenco music. it was so exhilarating! it made me wish i knew how to to do a little flamenco dancing. there was to be some dancing but the place was packed and they needed our table so we didn't get to see the dancers.

maybe next time. there will most definitely be a next time at cafe vicente!! if you are ever here in tucson, you should try it!

spain is now on my "must visit" list.

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Byman said...

Nerd, I had no idea you had a blog. I used to keep up with Ross' blog and then he moved it! So glad to find you again. And, glad to see things are going so well. Such cute kiddos. You guys coming to H-Town any time soon?