Christmas Time

Thursday, January 11, 2007

that's what i am talking about!

you all are fantastic!! you have cured me of bbs and now i can move on to greater blogging!

last week before henry went back to school, he and his friend callie had a play date. i mentioned this before but forgot to explain that the original reason for the date is that they wanted to play leapster together. if you've read ross' blog at all then you know that being "white & nerdy" runs in our fam!

here is my precious girl, daphne. check out those pigtails! i must admit that i have never really had lots of style so the idea of teaching my little girl how to present herself on the outside is a bit daunting. that being said, this pic is proof that i do try to do the hair thing. the frustrating thing though is that she always takes the hair thingies out. i can't tell you all how many times i have done my best work and then put her in her car seat only to arrive at my destination with her, bow(s) in hand, saying "here mommy. i take my bow out."

miss anna is not really doing anything new these days. it is so wild how when henry was a baby i just couldn't wait for him to roll over or sit up but with baby anna i just want her to stay tiny for as long as possible. don't get me wrong, when i hear of friends babies that are about the same age and they are doing things like rolling i do think to myself, "is she normal?" i know she is doing just fine and will roll in due time. ross quickly reminded me last night, when i voiced slight concern over the rolling, that once she rolls then she will never stop moving. he shared this as henry and daph were chasing each other around our couch squealing...let me say that our house has tile floors so the squealing sound is VERY LOUD!!!

on another note... i am reading a book called raising great kids by cloud and townsend (the guys who wrote all the boundaries books). the main thought of the first chapter is that we, as parents, have the responsibility to help grow good character within our children. the aspects of good character are
  1. attachment- they must gain the ability to form relationships
  2. responsibility- they must learn to take ownership over choices
  3. reality- they need to accept the negatives of the world (self and others included)
  4. competence- they need to learn how to strengthen their God-given gifts and talents
  5. conscience- they need a growing internal sense of right and wrong
  6. worship- they must learn that God loves them and is sovereign and they need to seek God on their own, apart from parents
i am looking forward to reading more in the book. i love to read about child rearing, being that that is what i do all day everyday. i will keep you posted on what i am gleaning.

have a great weekend! i am sure to post again very soon!

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