Christmas Time

Saturday, February 17, 2007


alright so this past week our friend, tonya took some pics of daphne and her best girl friend, ellie. the girls were ADORABLE!! they had a tea party with gloves, boas, tu-tus, pearls, the whole works. it was so fun to watch daphne and ellie be so girlie. ellie is definitely a girlie girl, with cute coordinated outfits and matching bows. daphne on the other hand loves to pull out her bows (mentioned in a previous post) and often times she likes to strip down. all that being said about my girl, she is still girlie in so many ways. she loves to play with her baby dolls and she loves to dress up like a princess- preferably cinderella, who is her favorite. after i get the pics i will post one of the girls.

tonya also took some headshots of me and jennifer for our business's website. tonya is a fantastic photographer. jen looked fantastic in her pics. the best pics of my kids have been done by tonya. but me...i am a hard one to photograph and that was evident when i looked at my 16 proofs. there were only two remotely decent of me. i found myself wondering if i even tried that morning...maybe i forgot i was having my picture made.

all that being said, i realize that my children don't care as much about what i look like as they do about my love for them. when i am dead and gone they will want pictures of me. the pictures i have of my parents and of ross' parents are things i like for them to see. i even have this great photo of my grandparents that is framed and on a shelf in my living room. i treasure photos and when i look at ones from my family i don't care about how the people actually look, i care about their story- their life.

have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Well since i was there with you and got to see the proofs, i think your pics turned out fabulous, you shouldn't be so hard on yourself!! you are a beautiful woman inside and out!!!
Love ya, Jen

Elizabeth said...

I think this picture of you was absolutely beautiful!

Laurie said...

What are you talking look awesome!