Christmas Time

Friday, March 9, 2007

fun pics from recent days...

this is daph and henry as we found them late one night. it's a good thing we are letting them share a room in the new house.

anna started eating cereal as well as some green veggies. she seems to be enjoying every bite (even if she too is sucking her thumb after each one)!
she is also rolling over these days...well we have yet to personally witness her in action but we are hearing her in the middle of her naps playing and when we go in there she has flipped over and is having a ball.

so this is just weird! whenever i chop an onion i put some in a ziploc and throw them in the freezer to use another day. well i was adding some bacon and onion to some green beans the other day and this is what happened. the onions were red onions that i had frozen and after they cooked they turned black. how weird is that!!

have a great weekend!


Aust Family said...

I am so glad that Katie is not wierd! If they both suck their thumb after each bite it has to be normal, right?!?!

danny ewy said...

I'm sorry, but that green bean thing is one nasty looking food! It could be th eclose up and the black onions.:)

I enjoyed you guys coming over for dinner the other night. Your kids are so awesome.

Hope the meeting went well today. I can't wait to read a blog about it.

Danny Craft said...

There could be nothing better in life that sleeping children. My favorite time in the evening is checking on our girls after they are fast asleep. I thank God every night for being blessed with my girls. BTW Mandy, Kelley updated our blog...check it out when you have the chance. We miss you guys!