Christmas Time

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

packing stinks....

for all you folks who have never packed up your home in the midst of small children, count your blessings! i have moved during college, i have moved 300 miles and i have even moved 1200 miles but let me tell you that trying to pack an entire house with a 5 and 2 year old on the move is pretty much like those folks who step on the gas pedal when stuck in a mudhole. you can't make any progress and you just sling dirt. movers are coming on thursday to move our big furniture and we will slowly move the rest over the next two weeks.

i head out on friday for a women's retreat in the white mountains where it is still in 60s during the day. i haven't figured out what clothes i am packing yet but i know what books i am bringing along. i am really looking forward to some time to be quiet...hence the word retreat. when most folks think of a retreat they think fun gettaway with the girls. i am hearing a soldier yelling "RETREAT". i am anticipating a time when i can have some good long "face time" with the Lord.

ross and the kids will have a fun filled weekend of hanging out and going to the new park. ross is an amazing dad who doesn't even shutter at the thought of me leaving for the weekend. it is such a blessing to know that i need not worry because he is fully capable of caring for the little ones in our home. he's awesome!

well, with all that is going to go on in the next 5 days i probably won't have the chance to blog but i will be back next week with highlights of our latest adventures!


Marissa said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! I feel like I am reading my own life right now...picking up something to put in a box and..."mommy"..."mommy"... good luck and God bless!!!

Kelley said...

Good luck with the move and packing. I can barely manage to clean my house with a 5 year old and 19 month old. Enjoy the retreat too. You are so blessed to have a husband like Ross (as I am to have Danny). I had forgotten that Ollie and Daley share a birthday. Thank you for the birthday greeting. I showed Daley and of course she wanted to know why she never gets to play with your children. She's usally sitting in my lap when I'm reading blogs and normally comments that her and that boy (Henry) would probably have fun together!

Anna said...

hey! i'm anna, i am a friend of laurie's. i met you long ago in boone. laurie told me to read your latest post. i was asking for some help and perspective on moving. we will be moving down to durham in june and i have four kiddos. thanks for the humor and realness. enjoyed it.

R said...

Hi, Mandy! Thanks for posting on my site! I do remember you well, and I think of you often! Nope, never finished that quilt. And I've never started one since! :0)

I found your blog linked on Krissy's. Love it! I'm hooked.