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Friday, March 23, 2007

starting to emerge....

so i am not lost and i have not quit blogging. i am still emerging from the never ending boxes that seem to be multiplying somewhere along the way between the old house and the new.

we are all enjoying a bit more space and though i LOVE hardwood floors (which we have not had since we sold our home in texas) i am finding that carpet has some perks too. carpet is so much more inviting when it comes to playing on the floor with the kids. ross was chasing the older two the other day (on his knees) and when he stood up there was a big nice carpet burn on his knee. he is on antibiotics because it got all nasty and swollen. "you take the good, you take the bad".

the kids absolutely enjoy their bunkbed and anna seems to enjoy not awaking in the middle of the night when her big sister is crying and turning on the lights.

on a decorating note.... i am not highly skilled at decorating our home. i am getting a bit better with time but all in all i am not some great mastermind. in our new house we have "niches". decorative niches. ahhhhhh. what to do? these things are huge. there are 4 of them and one has some need for a large vase or something because it has depth. the others are definitely for artwork. that's just a whole other issue. i know very little....let me correct that...i know nothing about art. i have been to one art auction on a cruise a few years ago and it was very interesting, but i did not purchase a thing because again the original issue is that i know nothing.

that being said, a friend today suggested i paint a large canvas myself with just some swishy stripy stuff. then i had a brilliant beyond brillant idea! i am going to let the kids paint a giant canvas for our home. i am going to pick the colors and i will let one dry before the next but how cool would that be to walk in and see the huge painting and folks say, "where did you get that fantastic painting?" i can say, "my little treasures did it". so that's the plan. i will take pics along the way so you can see what turns out. i am excited to let them at a canvas bigger than themselves! ( i will be waiting for a new michael's 40% off coupon so this "masterpiece" doesn't bowl me be patient for the pictures.)

till i emerge again!!

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Elizabeth said...

Wow -- your canvas idea is fantastic! Are you and Ross up for grilling/picnicing this weekend or are you still overwhelmed with moving?