Christmas Time

Thursday, April 5, 2007

so i thought i was beginning to emerge but then...

what a wild couple of weeks it has been. all of our stuff is finally in the new house but it is slightly impossible to open boxes to unpack for the same reason it was impossible to pack them in the first place. oh well, we have toothbrushes, clean underwear and deodorant so we can at least go out in public!

shortly after my last post i began to feel rather awful. i figured allergies but then i had this strange thing with being cold and shivering to sweating and so i thought...hmm, a fever? no way i am a mom i can't have a fever. well yes in deed i did have one, 103 i might add. by monday i was incapable of doing anything but lay on the couch and sleep. ross made me a dr. appt. and sure enough i had strep throat. the dr. said "i haven't seen a quick test come back that positive in a long time." well my thought is, if you're going to do something then do it well. i was out for a few days and then we were up and running again.

now my little anna is not feeling so good.
she has been running a fever for a couple of days but with no other real symptoms. we took her in to the dr. just in case she could have caught my strep but she just has a cold. pretty crazy how i get all worked up over a little fever with anna. she is baby #3 and i never got too ruffled by the first two kids and their fevers.

the most exciting thing that has happened lately is that our brother and sister in law received a call this morning from the birth mom of their baby. she was in labor! tod and catherine headed to phoenix and as soon as we got all our kids situated with friends we headed up there too. william zachary came into this world around 5pm weighing in at 5lbs 12oz and 19 and 1/2 inches. he is a long skinny little guy. he has lots of dark hair and is just adorable. tod and catherine have been able to feed him and spend lots of time holding him. when i held him he seemed as lite as a feather. he is only a tad bigger than half the weight of my babies. the birth mom seems to be doing well but please pray for her as these next few days will be difficult for her.
we will keep you all posted as zach comes home! have a wonderful easter celebration.


Laurie said...

God is so good!! and his timing is perfect..we are rejoicing with you as yoa'll(how do you like that slang)celebrate zach's birth and homecoming. My eyes are flooded with tears. I'm also thankful for YOU that strep didn't get the rest of your family. Penicillin is awesome huh! I had the same thing March 1st. Girl, I'm feeling ya! Rest up and enjoy Easter

Elizabeth said...

Ummm . . . Ross' brother looks EXACTLY like him! How freakish! I'm so sorry you were so sick. I loved the picture of Anna and her big belly!