Christmas Time

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

for keeps...

to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than what we can ask or imagine, to Him be the glory!

what a roller coaster the last 11 days have been for our family. days after william zachary was born his birth mom decided to keep him. 2 days later she brought him to the agency and said she couldn't do it. tod and catherine excitedly drove and picked him up. on their way home she changed her mind again. they were losing their son once more. the birth mom was suppose to call them to arrange a time for them to drop him back off but she never called. for the next several days she would say she was going to sign consent and then she the next day she would say she wanted to keep him. all this time tod and catherine (and a very proud aunt and uncle and several others) were falling in love with him. well, today the birth mother made a very courageous and difficult decision to sign the consent for adoption papers. willaim zachary is here for keeps!

with zach here to stay we have begun all the party planning. we are hosting (with some friends) a "welcome zach" party this weekend and tonight i am up late putting together some baby shower invites that have to go out in the mail tomorrow. so many of us have been waiting to celebrate this baby and so this shower is going to be fabulous!!

on sunday night tod, catherine and zach came over to hang out. henry couldn't put him down. he just loves babies. when we got anna up to feed her we decided to take some pics of her and zach together to show how different in size they are. anna is only about 16 pounds and she looks like godzilla next to this tiny little guy.

all glory and praise is due Him this day!


Aust Family said...

WONDERFUL!!! I am so happy for your family! And, I have to say that he looks like Anna's baby doll in that picture. Both are so beautiful...and such wonderful blessings. Way to stick in there!

The Bibles said...

Wow, what a great turn-out to a really hard situation!!! We have been praying for your family through all of this. Hope all of your party plans go well! I can't believe that we're already preparing for baby showers around here for our kiddo...craziness, but he'll be here before we know it.

melissa said...

what a crazy ride, but that's so awesome how it all turned out! i'm so glad for your family & for lil' zach! hugs,

The Hill Family said...

THAT IS SO AWESOME!! Congrats on your nephew...I will continue to pray for your families as they welcome this adorable new member!!

Elizabeth said...