Christmas Time

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

lots going on around here...

well with sweet baby zach now here, grandma and papa have arrived for a visit. the kids are always so excited to see them. if you remember, my father-in-law named daphne the kamikaze and she hasn't let him down yet!!
both daphne and anna love to sit with their papa. while in papa's lap anna even decided to see the world from a different angle. now i know that every mom thinks her babies are the cutest but let me just tell you that mine are the absolute cutest. sunday mornings can present some craziness with trying to get everyone up, fed, dressed and still happy before heading out the door so i can get to work on time. this past sunday morning i found my henry holding his littlest sister on the couch. they were so precious together!

in just moments my daphne was right up there with the other two ready and waiting for another picture. i must say that to get all three to look at the camera with semi good smiles is just about as impossible as it can get.
i have been trying to wait patiently for miss anna to sit up all by herself. much to my surprise sunday evening while over at a friends house my mother-in-law set anna down in this beautiful patch of grass and she actually sat up all by herself for 2 or 3 minutes. it was so fun to capture it on film!

i just can't not put a picture of zach on here. i haven't seen him in a little over 24hrs and i think i am having with drawls.
in this pic of him he is having his chocolate kiss, given by his cousin daphne, wiped from his sweet cheek.
catherine and tod took zach this weekend to have portraits made and let me just say that they will have a hard time choosing. tonya, of ,did a fabulous job capturing their love for their precious son! (i have to plug my friend...she's awesome!)

that's it from our neck of the till next time!

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Elizabeth said...

LOVED all the pictures.