Christmas Time

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

the sick ward...

okay so florence nightengale was an amazing woman. she cared for the sick in an amazing way. this week she would have been a fantastic help around here.
anna has a very yucky nose and has had this since probably last friday. she seems miserable and yet happy at the same time. i know that after several days of kleenex usage my nose becomes a raw mess. anna's nose is at that point. i think she would prefer it if i didn't come close to her face with anything!
daphne has a cough that sounds like a smoker of 40 years.
i think henry has sympathy ailments.

ross is our very sick one though. we should get some test results back in about an hour. he has not been feeling well for more than a week. when i say not feeling well i mean...severe headache, difficulty breathing, fever, chills and exhaustion. monday he went to the dr. and the dr. was concerned it could be west nile virus or valley fever. the doc sent him to the hospital for xrays of his lungs shortly after giving him a breathing treatment.

valley fever is a fungal infection you can get out in this part of the u.s. if you are around construction or areas where dirt gets stirred up a lot. there is a lot of construction happening on the property where ross works. you breathe it in and voila you have valley fever. evidently most people who get it never notice but some (ross) get it and it can knock the wind out of you for a while. the doctor cultured his blood and will give ross the results soon. ross has been taking a major antibiotic and has been doing breathing treatments as ordered (and with some forcing by his wonderful wife who loves him dearly).

God, i know that You are in the business of healing. i am asking that you would restore all the members of my family to full health. thank you in advance for the restoration You will provide.
i love you, Lord.


veronicalaurie said...

I hope Ross will be ok!! I bet you have your hands full, with everyone so sick. We are thinking of you all!
The pics of your kids just blew me away! They are all so beautiful, I cannot believe how big they all are.

Tonya Roberts said...

Hey Mandy,
If you guys need anything at all we are just around the corner! I am more than happy to jump in with the sick ones and help...just let me know what you need! Maybe another high cholesterol dinner drop off?