Christmas Time

Friday, November 2, 2007

trick or treat...

halloween was lots of fun with the kids again this year. they loved getting all dressed up and the excitement of knocking on doors in hopes of candy.

many months ago when i asked henry what he wanted to be for halloween he quickly expressed his great desire to be Aslan from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. i was caught off guard because i assumed he would want to be Peter. i guess if we look at c.s. lewis' underlying story then Aslan would be the one we should all want to be.

a lion...a magnificent lion...there is no costume that is great enough to be Aslan on the market. i realized i was going to have to make this costume. well it was tough but nearly as tough as it would have been had ross' mom not been there to coach me through every step. i am so grateful. it took us an entire sunday afternoon. in fact, linda left around 8:30pm and i carried on for another hour or so sewing the mane on. what an undertaking but what a result!!another great thing about this costume is that it served dual purposes. wednesday was reformation day at school and each kindergartner dressed as a character from the bible. they then walked door to door at the school pretending to nail martin luther's ninety five theses to them and singing, onward christian soldiers. henry went as the Lion of the tribe of judah, other characters chosen were daniel, luke the physician, leah and eve ("when she wore clothes").

after picking henry up from school we headed to grandma carol's house so that she could see the kids in costume. they were all pretty cute! catherine met us there with zach. a couple from our church had dressed their little guy up like a lobster last year and so i suggested catherine borrow it. well she did and zach looked adorable. of course daphne was cinderella and little anna went as an adorable duck.

we all went home and tried to no avail...and then several friends came over for the evening festivities. after eating pizza all the kiddos got dressed and ready to go. jennifer put daphne and ellie's hair up in a bun which was quite the undertaking with daph's baby fine short hair but she got it and it looked fantastic. drew was a football player, jake a firefighter, the girls cinderella, henry Aslan, zach a lobster and anna a duck.

i wonder what they each will be next year???

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Emily Ryan said...

wow! henry's costume is awesome! y'all did a great job, and i love that he wanted to be aslan. we could all learn from his choice!